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In isolation, the concepts of chickens, bunnies, nunchucks, shattered bottles, and clowns don’t amount to much. Creating the online slot Slugger Time must have seemed like a collective exercise in randomness for the staff at software developer Quickspin. However, when placed in the context of gang violence at a subway station, the puzzle begins to take shape. Slugger Time combines the successful elements of the 2021 slasher slot Cabin Crashers with a new take on a violent theme, including sticky wild multipliers.

You won’t discover many subtle changes between Slugger Time and Cabin Crashers, so let’s not waste time pretending otherwise. Cabin Crashers wasn’t exactly groundbreaking in the gameplay area, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing given the game’s simple yet enjoyable elements. To differentiate itself from its zombie-filled predecessor, Slugger Time makes effective use of its concept. The action takes place in a secret subway station dubbed Slugger St, where rival gangs don strange masks and get violent with one other. It reminds me of the knuckle dusters on the poster for “The Animal People,” starring Joaquin Phoenix. Does Slugger Time have funny moments or violent ones? Well, it leans more toward the former category but has elements of the latter as well. Slugger Time acts rough, but even the most sensitive viewer won’t find anything to object to.

Stats pour in about the same as they did in Cabin Crashers, and the game is playable with stakes ranging from 20 percent to £/€100. If you decide to spend money on spins, your RTP will increase from 96.18% to 96.19%. The mathematical model operates in a very unpredictable fashion, while the regulations for the basic and bonus games are limited to a minimum. In both the base game and the free spins bonus round, multiplier wilds get more powerful, so getting as many of them as possible is crucial.

There are 20 fixed paylines zigzagging throughout the game’s 5-reel, 3-row panel. These lines pay out for combos of three or more of the same symbol. The use of graffiti-inspired emblems is a low-paying 10-A card is valued between 1.25 and 2.5 times the wager for five, while the remaining symbols include nunchucks, shattered bottles, knuckle dusters, clown masks, chicken masks, and bunny masks. Payouts range from 5x to 40x the initial wager when all five appear. Take note: Slugger Time’s multiplying wilds are a game-changing feature. Whether in the main game or the bonus round, they can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4 and stand in for any other pay symbol. Wild multipliers start in the main game at a random number between x2 and x5, and if more than one is utilized in a victory, the multipliers are added together.

Slot Features: Batting Glove Time

During Chicken Siege Free Spins, the pinnacle of Slugger Time, 3 Fight scatter symbols must appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. This triggers the Fight Picker, where the player may select the most suitable bonus round for them. There are four choices, with the higher risk but potentially larger rewards going to Fights with fewer free spins. A list follows:

Play 1–12 free games with multiplier wilds of x2 or x3.

Fight 2 – 9 free spins with x3 or x4 multiplier wilds.

Struggle through 3–6 bonus spins when wild multipliers pay off at x4 or x5.

Battle 4 can reward anything from 6 free games to 20 free games, with multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x.

The multiplier wilds that appear during the Chicken Siege Free Spins bonus are sticky, meaning that they will remain in place for the duration of the game.

Add-On Purchase

You may be able to preemptively activate the function by paying for it if you live in the right market. Once purchased, players are given the same four options as described above (at a cost of 75 times their initial wager).

Batting Order: The Judgement

If you like the prior feature, Cabin Crashers, you’ll probably enjoy Slugger Time as well. The atmosphere hasn’t changed much, even if it went from B-Grade horror to bizarrely-masked hooligans wreaking havoc in a subway station. However, the violence is simply alluded to, functioning more as a disguised threat, making Slugger Time accessible to a wide range of users rather than just those with an interest in gang conflict.

For a comparable mood, you get the same exact cosmetics as before; it’s odd that Quickspin hasn’t changed a thing under the hood. I don’t mean to criticize them, but I was genuinely taken aback by the payout structure when I saw it for the first time. Perhaps something fresh should have been included, but otherwise, everything here serves its purpose. In order to settle in for the Chicken Siege Free Spins, I recommend playing the first three reels as much as possible. It was not uncommon for Multiplier Wilds to appear on reels 2 and 3, but it was unusual for them to appear on all three center reels simultaneously. Slugger Time’s maximum payout is 22,144 times the wager, and the more wilds there are, the better.

All the gangsters in masks can’t steal the spotlight from the simple characteristics that create such thrilling effects. Sticky wild multipliers are as much fun as they’ve always been if you can get several of them working together, like Bruce Lee wielding a pair of nunchucks. If you’re looking for a game with an odd scenario and a comic book-style presentation with a rather darkly hilarious premise, then give Slugger Time a spin or two.

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